Here Are A Few Things Only Cat Owners Will Understand

source: Daily Grouch

Cats are crafty little things. You may think you’re in charge but in fact it’s the other way round. They stroll about acting like the place is theirs, leave the house and come back only when they want to be fed and demand attention from you when you’re most busy! Oh and if you’re lucky, they might even leave you a little treat in the form of a dead mouse….

Here are 20 pictures I'm sure you can  relate to if you're a cat owner. Enjoy!


24 Photos Of Truly Adorable Animals In Snow

source: FREEYORK   by Fazila Synowska

While some animals hide from winter in warm houses and prefer to sunbathe during the warmer months, other animals are perfectly comfortable with the snow. Deep snow can not only prevent some animals from finding food, but it also acts like a blanket, keeping the ground beneath it warmer than the surrounding air temperature. These photos are nice to look at and will help you get a break from the regular work and hopefully get a fresh perspective on whatever you have to get done today.